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Hello and welcome to my Ghost & Spirit,Angels, Demons, Devils Page.

I am making this site mainly for myself and to share with other Paranomal people world wide.

I always been a secptic on Ghodt,Spirits, Demons,Devils, ect for some time now, but since my farther died in November 2011, some things have been going on in my house.

1: Strange Breathing.

2: Coldness Suddenly Comes and Goes.

3: Doors opening by themselfs, while i know other family members was all sleeping.

4: Some time i may see a Shadow in the corner of my eye.

5: Capturing EVPs on my Mobile Phone..

6: Hearing Footsteps up stairs when im the only person in side the house.

7: Knocks and Bangs.

8: The Odd ORB or Flash of Light.

So now i have decided to start my own investigation, i have brought so Far the following.

1: Non-Contact Digital IR Infrared Digital Thermometer With Laser.

2: NEW Ghost Spirit Box Radio Paranormal Ghost Hunting ITC. (Waiting on this to arrive from USA)

3: Several Spirit Books.

4: Ultra Violet Blacklight 9 LED Flashlight Torch Light.

5: A Digital Voice Recorder.

6: Cross and Chain,and few extra crosses to place around the home.

I have also just started to build my own Paranomal Devices, /i know nothink about Electronics, but i went ot and brought around £100-£200 worth of Electronic compoments,soldering Iron, Glue gun,ect Then i watched some Youtube Videos on how to build your own Hardward for Ghost hunting.

I have made so far a EMP/ EM Pump and a ESD Detector,which after a few days i got up and running.

So far ive not caught any evidence in the house or any activity,apart from some EVPs.

I have tried the SKYPE CrossOverTalk, but not got much from there as way to muffled,gergled for me to understand anything on skype.

I will be adding time to time very usefull Videos on building Devices for Ghost Hunting, Along with any EVPs i may capture.


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