Steves Quija board Sessions

Steves Quija board Sessions

Date: 3rd January 2013
Session 1: Contact with my farther : (Douglas William Morgans. Passed at Age 72 1 hour session My Farther

Session 2: Stucdetanna Male Age 41 died 4/6/2012

Session 3: Ronnald Horewood Farther in law.

Session 4: Michael Davis Age 32, Died 1912. Waiting for his loved one to join him: Renny (wife of Michael)? Renny is still alive and aged 98.

Session 5: Remy Davis Wife of Above, Died 3rd/jan 2013. I asked if i was the cause of her death, and she said no. Im glad of that.

Session 6: David Vincent. Said he was good Spirit, but started to talk in Latin i think, so asked him to lease, as i thought latin was spoken by bad spirits..

Session 7: Communication with my farther Douglas Morgans again for 35-45 mins chat about family matters.

Session 8: Fred Fedonson. Aged 65. Died 1974 came in visitation , waiting for his is loved one. Could be soon. ???

More sessions to be added as they are done.

Videos of Sessions.
Once Videos are done and converted to smaller file sizes i hope to upload these videos and post the link to these videos for you the world to view,when i have done them.

I will only upload Videos if i have been give permissions by the spirits that will allow me to post them on the internet/youTube after we have finished the session and i have asked if i can upload them. I will not upload any Video of my sessions if the spirits don’t wish me to do so, this i will respect and doing so wont make any spirits mad at me and cause me any harm . I HOPE ( And PRAY)

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