SWG-UK Team Members

SWG-UK Team Members

Just me at this time. lol
Steve Morgans: Lead Investigator
Warren Morgans: Investigator
Arran Morgans: Investigator

NEW Members to the Team.
I meet Pete on Youtube when he message me about visiting a Castle in Shooters Hill, and then spoke to him on Skype.
We visited the shooters hill castle ( Severndroog Castle ) on Saturday 25 May 2013, and had a really good response,
were planning another trip soon.

New Team members.Welcome to SouthWestGhosts Guys & Girls

Peter Legg .
2nd Lead: Investigator
Wendy Legg. Investigator
Suzie Legg . Investigator
Peter 2 Legg. (Son of Peter) Investigator
Luke Russell. Investigator

We discussed about changing the name of the group, but peter was willing for us to keep SouthWestGhost, saving me the trouble and costs of new website, and domain name fees.

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