How To Remove Ghosts

How To Remove Ghosts and Spirits

Haunted spirits appear in many forms, such as simple ghosts, poltergeists and psychic energy to name a few. If you can sense them and they are causing you anxiety or fear, then you should remove them. Depending on how serious your haunting is, you can perform a few simple techniques to remove the spirits yourself before calling in a professional.

Things You’ll Need:
Sage or other herbs
Clay pot
Step 1:
Communicate with the spirit before you try to remove it. Most ghosts do not need to be removed, but need your help in passing over to the other side. Malevolent spirits, of course, need to be removed. Try speaking to the spirit aloud, staying alert for an answer, which may come in many different forms.

Step 2:
Take control of your home and body by firmly stating that the house is yours and you wish the visitor or spirit to leave. Do not send it towards the light, as not all spirits came from the light originally, so this may upset or hurt some ghosts.

Step 3:
Bless your house. As the power of belief is the most powerful weapon, you should work within your religion or belief set. This means calling upon the goddess, God, Allah or any supreme being in which you believe. Work with written prayers or make up your own to ask the spirits to leave the house.

Step 4:
Smudge your home to repel negative influences and replace positive forces. You should use western sage, lavender or cedar to create smudge sticks or burn the herbs in a clay pot. Then, start on the west side of your house and burn the herbs in each room while mentally projecting positive thoughts. Make sure you open a few windows so excessive smoke does not accumulate.

Step 5:
Perform psychic surgery on any people who seem to attract the haunted spirits. Basically, you lay your hands on them, removing the evil spirits and bad energy using visualization techniques. Picture the bad energy as being black and being enveloped by the color green, which releases suppressed trauma.

Step 6:
Work on your own inner anger. Spirits often manifest after a person goes through a serious trauma or crisis. By removing your anger and fear, the haunting may dissipate.

Step 7:
Invite a ghost hunter to help you with your situation. A legitimate ghost hunter will not charge for services and will not initiate contact. You must ask him to investigate and remove the spirits.

Step 8:
Ask a local minister to come to your house and pray for both the present spirits and the home. This is not an exorcism but merely a blessing.

Step 9:
Contact your church to perform an exorcism. The exorcism you are familiar with from the movies is a Roman Catholic belief, and the ceremony can only be performed by an ordained minister with the proper authority bestowed by the Vatican. Other religions also have some form of exorcism.

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