My Haunted Dolls

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This page will be about my Haunted Dolls,, i will have Pictures and information on these dolls,
As such, there Names, Ages they died, Where they come from, Are they Good or Bad spirits attached to these Dolls
Some other information, like where they came from, how did i get hold of them, and other information such as
What activity they have given me, Did i get any K2, or Mel Meter hits on these dolls, Did i get any EVPs from them,
And much more, what ever i can tell you about these doll i will tell.

These Dolls are Not For Sale, they are in my Private collection and wont be sold, So Dont ask.

I communicate with each Spirit via the Ouija Board or Pendulum, Also EVP and K2, Mel Meter and Other Devices.

Please ask questions if you wish,and i will do my best to try and answer them as when i possible can.

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Tina is one of my highest Spirits that i have had for a very long time, about 2 years now, she is very Trust worthy Honest, a Great Helper, and a good communicator towards me.

Tina originally came from America, USA, My Friend Rose first Brought her, but after a while Rose was getting a lot of unwanted Activity from somewhere. Rose had several Dolls, but thought the unwanted activity was from Tina, so decided tto ask if i wanted Tina Myself, Which i said YES to right away. So Rose Packed her into a box and sent me Tina.

When i received Tina i was happy to receive her, i myself did not fill any Negative Energy coming from Tina at all, i felt more Positive energies from her than anything.
I first started noticing Tina by Sounds, Cold Spots, and a few little knocks. I had K2 hits on many occasions to.

I later was able to communicate with Tina Via a Ghost Box, and man was she happy to talk on that, i got so much chatter from Tina i was so glad i had gotten her from rose. While i started doing EVPs i asked Tina could she say her name, and wow what results i got, one one EVP i got Tina Saying her name TINA in a Class A Loud EVP, not once but many times.

Over time Tina became a spiritual communicator not just for Me, but for helping other spirits to come through and talk to me ,either on Ghost box or Pendulum or Ouija board. She was so good at this she had to take a break ,so while doing this she as able to bring down another Spirit person Called Abbey,who took charge in helping spirits talk to me on Ouija And Pendulum board Sessions. Once Tina was Rested, she decided to just help spirits that needed help in Crossing over to ?heaven, or just to help them to talk to me on the communication Boards use.

I have done so much with Tina im proud to have her as a spirit friend and companion who helps me nearly every day,when required her help.

Over Time i had spoken with many people online with Tina Passing on messages and with Tina’a help in testing Ghost box apps for Android phones. There was a time Tina Requested the Ghost box
developer .Ricky VanBrakle ,to make a Ghost Box app for her,so i can talk to her on it. This Request was done, A spirit Requesting a Ghost Box App to be made for a spirit, and made, WOW.
Here is the Video where Myself and Ricky was testing out TINA’s Ghost Box Version 1 Beta.


Here is some videos on where ive spoken to tina, hope you will enjoy them.

3 Final Dolls Children Dolls. communication with Tina via Pendulum

Live Tonight another Stream with Myself,Samantha the Doll & Tina. Along with Vixan and Perry


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BOB was found in my Local charity Shop in Mitcham, I was going to town to buy some Food, Drinks,ect when i felt like a strange serge of energy pulling me across the road, i know this sound Crazy, but it was like if some one had a lasso over me, and pulling me, This went on for just under two (2) minutes as when i was getting near to a charity shop as i got to the Display window, my head suddenly turned as if someone was turning my head for me, and there He Was BOB the Clown.

I felt like i had to enter the shop and pick him up, and when i di the strange strong energy i got from CHESTER was a Crazy filling, then i heard Voice say PLEASE Buy me and Take me home,,
so i looked at the price tag, just being £3, and said yes i gota have him, so i paid for CHESTER the clown and went on to do my shopping.

When i got home i remember doing a EVP session and on the playback i heard the name CHESTER being said on the audio, this amazed me. Later i did a Session with a Ouija board and found out that CHESTER in Life was a Real Life clown in his hay days. I asked CHESTER if he was happy that i got him from the charity shop and he said YES very happy, he thought no-one would ever buy him,and was glad a person like myself a paranormal investigator was able to get him.

After a few sessions with CHESTER i asked if he would be willing to take up the task’s and keep a look out and look after the Female Spirits that i have in my home, and CHESTER Said YES he would love to do that for me, and ever since i had CHESTER about 2 years now her been looking after mostly the Female spirits for me, and has enjoyed doing this for me, and been happy being here in my home.

Here is a Video Session with CHESTER the Clown in.

Please Meet The Spirit inside this Doll Rachael Baxter Age 17 Year

The Spirit inside this doll is, Rachael Baxter Age 17 Years old. She grow up in a family with mother, sister and Farther.
The Mother was good and Kind, but her Farther was very Abusive towards Rachael from the age of around 12 years old, he use to Beat her for no reason, as same with her sister.
Rachael too 4 years of this torment from her Drunken Farther ,who would beat on his Wife and Kinds when Drunk, Rachael told me that she could not take no more of the beatings and Abuse her Farther did to her and decided enough was enough.

One Day Rachael got hold of some Razor blade and Cut her wrists, and Bleed to death. Her Favorite doll is shown in the picture here. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Rachael Died, her spirit attached to her doll, and never left it. Her Parents later gave the Doll away,untill i was able to obtain it from Ebay

She was and is very afraid to the Male species, and prefer to communicate to Females, But she is happy to talk to me
when she wishes to,as she now knows i am a good person and a good spiritual communicator,

Activity. Ghost Meter Pro. K2 meter EVP, Cold spots.

You can see more on Rachael here.

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This is Samantha, A doll i got From KAT ANGEL Years ago, Kat offered me a Haunted Doll, and for some reason she kept forgetting, but Last Year while doing a Live Stream with KAT, we noticed that Samantha wanted to be with me, as a few weeks befor some of my SPIRIT People, ,TINA, ABBEY, and Dougie (My Farther) went to pay KAT a visit as she had been getting some very bad Negative Energies there, so while doing a session on the Ouija board , Tina, Abbey, & Dougie, said they would go over to KATs and help remove the troublesome Negative spirits that was causing KAT some bad activity.

A short while later maybe a week later i was on a stream with KAT again and she told me What ever ABBEY,Tina & Dougie did ,worked and she was so please it worked , but not only that, One of KATs spirit Dolls SAMANTHA said that she like Tina and Abbey so much Could she (Samantha) please come and stay with them being here in my home. She Told KAT She loved her very much and would Miss being there, but she felt she needed to move on to a different location being with my spirits. KAT agreed and was kinda Sadden about this, but did send Samantha over to me, a few weeks later, as Kat had to do a special Good Bye Session with Samantha first.

Im not sure the full story behind Samantha, but when i had gotten her, her eyes had changed a little in color, When talking to KAT about this, She had mentioned she also noticed Samantha’s Eyes has also changed while having here from the time she got her in KATs home. Once receiving Samantha i did fill a slight bit of Sadness at first, but then happiness to, and i felt she knew she would be happy here in my home with Tina, Abbey Dougie and all the other spirits here.

While owning Samantha (And still own her today) i had received many EVPs on Audio Recorder, Also on Ghost Box sessions to, I even had K” hits, and Rem pod hits. Kat told me Samantha Loved playing with devices, and mad Wasn’t Kat right, so much activity Samantha was giving me. it was Crazy, i never knew where Samantha got all the energy from.

Nowadays Samantha is more Quiet, but i bring her out when i do live streams with KAT, so Samantha can say hello to her Mommy, Being KAT, as im sure Kat Treats all her Spirits as Children.

Here is the first Ever Stream i did With Samantha.
Introducing Samantha The New Doll From Kat Angel FROM USA


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