My Haunted Flat Life DVR Video Broad Casts.

Here are the Live Broadcasts of my Haunted flat.

Time runs from anywhere of 1 1/2 hours up to several hours. with all type of activity.
Some nights it is crazy with stuff happening like Sensors going off, alarms going of K2 registers, REM-POD going off, ORBS, shadows, EVP’s and much more happening

Orbs in my BedRoom.?? – 3:35am 18th Jan 2015

Balcony Orbs 18th Jan 2014

Outside DVR Cam Picking up Orbs, Part 1 19th Jan 2015

Outside DVR Cam Picking up Orbs, Part 2 19th Jan 2015

Orb in my kitchen 19th Jan 2014

DVR Video footage Live Test 1

Testing out a live event for first time 21st Jan 2015

Live 2nd Test/Trial on my DVR/CCTV System Streaming 12am till 2am

LIVE DVR Event Kitchen. Living Room, Outside 23rd Jan 2015 12-2am

Another Live session of my DVR system, Kitchen, Living room and Out Side Cam,GhostBox sessions to

Fantastic Orb’s coming from my DAD’s Chair..From Live Footage

Loads of ORBs from Live DVR 25th Jan 2015,

Live DVR Video from my Flat 26/27th Jan 2015 12am till 4AM Aprox

Live DVR session from 12AM till 4:30AM Wednesday 28th Jan 2015

Live Session with Xbox Connect and Motion Sensors,and other Devices Tonight from Midnight

Another Live Haunting CRAZY Poltergeist activity on my Bedroom 31st Jan 2015

Real Haunted BedRoom Live View, tonight Real live video. 31st Jan 2015 11pm till 4am

live in Living room and Bedroom, Great communications from 4:30am with Spirit Beings (REAL)

Real Live emotional Communication with a Spirit of Dead Family

Live Communication with the Spirits. A Special Crossing For a Friends Loved one..

Live Skype Event With Simon and Steve, and Spirit Chat & Xbox Kinect test

More DVR CCTV Video Streams will be listed soon after March 2016:
I hope to bring some more Live coverage of Residential Investigations to:

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