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[SND]Female. yes if you can,.mp32012-09-30 01:03 87K 
[SND]My Question. Answer. A train accident,faint.mp32012-09-30 01:03 260K 
[SND]They hear ya coming..mp32012-09-30 01:03 127K 
[SND]background voice.mp32012-09-30 01:03 154K 
[SND]faint HELP.mp32012-09-30 01:03 67K 
[SND]male. help us.mp32012-09-30 01:03 103K 
[SND]male. i hope.mp32012-09-30 01:03 92K 
[SND]male. shead or shit head.mp32012-09-30 01:03 85K 
[SND]male saying Corina pale..mp32012-09-30 01:03 49K 
[SND]posible reply 1.mp32012-09-30 01:03 453K 
[SND]posible reply 2.mp32012-09-30 01:03 196K 
[SND]possible child saying i like it..mp32012-09-30 01:03 84K 
[SND]possible female saying come with me.mp32012-09-30 01:03 68K 
[SND]possible female saying happy days.mp32012-09-30 01:03 68K 
[SND]possible female saying stay with you.mp32012-09-30 01:03 68K 
[SND]possible male. fuck him.mp32012-09-30 01:03 66K 
[SND]possible male. strike him.mp32012-09-30 01:03 99K 
[SND]possible male. who are you.mp32012-09-30 01:03 62K 
[SND]unknown 1.mp32012-09-30 01:03 99K 
[SND]unknown 2.mp32012-09-30 01:03 112K 
[SND]unknown 3.mp32012-09-30 01:03 85K 
[SND]voice1a dont go.mp32012-09-30 01:03 45K 
[SND]voice1a who are you.mp32012-09-30 01:03 45K 

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